5 Reasons Why Manufactured Homes Beat Onsite Building

News:  5 Reasons Why Manufactured Homes Beat Onsite Building

In California, like many other states, homebuyers increasingly have been turning toward manufactured homes instead of choosing traditional site-built homes. While the trend initially caught real-estate professionals off guard, these homes are now an accepted part of the urban landscape. And they're becoming even more popular. We asked one California real-estate expert to list five reasons why this sector is booming.

  1. Cost
    It's hard to get past cost as one of the leading reasons why someone might consider a manufactured home instead of a traditional site-built house. You simply get more for your money. Even in a depressed real-estate market, where are you going to find a brand-new, five-bedroom home, complete with warranty, for less than $100,000? The reality is, you can buy a brand-new, five-bedroom manufactured home with a warranty for about $75,000. That's compelling.

  2. Quality
    Too many people hear "mobile home" and think of a trailer park full of rusted-out old hulks. Modern manufactured homes are extremely high quality. They have to meet exacting HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) standards for safety and quality construction, including strict codes for electrical, heating and plumbing systems. They're built with modern materials and constructed to last. The quality of these new units easily matches anything you would find in a subdivision.

  3. Better Built
    In addition to meeting HUD requirements, manufactured homes offer several advantages over traditionally built houses. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a factory, you'll see that the homes are assembled in a climate-controlled environment (no worry about building material or partially finished houses baking in the sun or being soaked in downpours). Manufacturers also employ the same, highly trained builders at a factory, instead of relying on a rotating roster of trades people from a variety of firms and subcontractors; this ensures consistency.

  4. Selection
    Lack of selection used to be a knock against mobile homes, but that's no longer the case. There are literally hundreds of floor plans, building styles and upgrades available these days. You can even order a manufactured home with a stucco finish.

  5. Options
    You no longer have to buy a luxury home in a traditional subdivision to get luxury features. Manufactured homes are available with fireplaces, gourmet kitchens with hardwood cabinets and islands, spa-like en suite bathrooms with ceramic tile and soaker tubs, oversized windows, vaulted ceilings and even wraparound porches. In short, you can custom-order a manufactured home with pretty much any luxury feature you might desire.

About the Author:
William Brill is an expert on the mobile homes California residents are buying in increasing numbers. Manufactured homes in California used to be a relative rarity, but William points out a number of factors that have led to a surge in sales. Strict building standards, high quality, and unbeatable pricing have been largely responsible, but the fact that the manufactured homes California homebuyers have to choose from makes the industry thrive.