Factory Expo Home Centers of Tucson, AZ

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Factory Expo Home Centers

Factory Expo Home Centers was founded in 1999 and specializes in all aspects of the manufactured home industry. We have several well-established Factory Direct retail centers situated throughout the country*, each consistently outperforming the competition. Our Manufactured Homes Online operation is designed to provide the same outstanding retail services that our reputable model centers are known for, but with an added edge of convenience. We have professional housing consultants on hand, always ready to ensure that your online purchasing experience is everything it should be; safe, affordable, and satisfying.

Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood was founded in 1950 in southern California. Over the years, the company has grown to become a major player in the factory-built housing and RV markets. For over 55 years, Fleetwood has been building manufactured homes in weather-protected factories across the country, using experienced construction teams to staff each local building facility. This ensures that the building materials are protected and each home is inspected carefully.