Mobile Homes California Sales Benefit From Quality and Exceptional Value

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Even as foreclosure sales and discounted new homes dominate the headlines, mobile homes California residents can have custom built often represent the best deal in real estate.  Even in a depressed real estate market where homes are selling for a fraction of what they once did, its still “buyer beware” so far as I’m concerned.  I’ve inspected many newer homes that show signs of shoddy construction. When the real estate boom was on, some builders were literally throwing these things up and hiring anyone to do it -regardless of experience.  After a few years, the shortcuts really start showing.  And even at foreclosure prices, these houses are still expensive.  Who would pay $250,000 for an abandoned house that’s been poorly maintained and needs extensive renovations when you could buy a new four bedroom manufactured home, complete with a warranty and customized to your specifications, for a quarter of that?

If you have doubts about the quality of manufactured homes, check out the HUD regulations the manufacturers have to conform to.  Better yet, visit a manufacturer and watch the precision, climate controlled manufacturing process.  I visited Factory Expo (you can call 1-800-897-4321 to book a tour) and came away more than impressed by their quality control and attention to detail.  They promote their “Factory Expo Home Center Advantage,” which includes having access to a factory tour, pricing that reflects the fact that you’re buying at the factory where the home is built and a model village so you can tour a range of manufactured home models and see what the floor plans are like firsthand.

Even in a dicey neighborhood and hoping to find a disclosure sale, it’s easy to spend $100,000 or more on a house in California that may cost you just as much again to make it livable.  Many of the inspections I’ve conducted have revealed leaking roofs, contaminated drywall with nails popping out everywhere, mould damage, broken windows, damaged flooring, walls that aren’t quite straight, owner installed kitchen cabinets that leave something to be desired and even wiring or plumbing that’s been stripped out.  Why would you sign up for something like that when you could buy a new, quality built home from Factory Expo at a fraction of a cost, with your choice of floor plan and features, complete with warranty coverage?

Manufactured homes California has come a long way in the past few years and I’m willing to bet they become even more popular as people realize what a value these quality built homes represent.

About the Author:

Webb Rider is a home inspector who has toured many of the manufactured homes California residents have to choose from.  “It used to be that a traditionally site-built home was your best bet for quality,” says Webb.  “In recent years, though, I’ve seen a lot of questionable construction and weather damage, especially in foreclosure sales.  Personally, I’d buy any of the manufactured homes in California over a site-built one.”