Mobile Homes California Buying Guide

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When purchasing one of the many mobile homes California has to offer, following five easy steps allows you to find the best home for you and your family at the lowest price possible. Whether you live up north in Redding or down south near San Diego, use this proven process when shopping for manufactured homes in California:

1. Start online. Before you write any checks, you will tour model mobile homes in person, but before then, you have a fair amount of homework to do. Type “mobile homes California” or “manufactured homes in California” into your favorite search engine and pull manufacturer names from the first page of results for a list. Remove from your list any manufacturers that don’t state online that they meet the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974.

2. Look at available floor plans. Many manufacturer websites make it simple to sort by square footage, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. Start with your must-haves in these areas and explore the many floor plans. You may want to look at floor plans with slightly more room, as you can get more space for your money than you might expect.

3. Pick a manufacturer to visit. Odds are you’ve gravitated toward the floor plans from one manufacturer in particular. Call that manufacturer and schedule an appointment for a tour of its factory and model homes. If floor plans from more than one manufacturer caught your interest, visit the one closest to you first.

4. Visit the manufacturer and take the tours. Don’t let eagerness to see your favorite floor plans in person keep you from taking the full behind-the-scenes tour. It’s important to see the construction process to know whether you are truly getting one of the best mobile homes California has to offer. Once you have heard all about rolled-steel I-beam frames, dual-pane metal windows, 30-pound-rated rafters, 100-AMP electrical with copper wires, CPVC plumbing systems and shut-off valves, then head to the model homes to tour your favorite floor plans.

5. Pick a floor plan and decide on upgrades. Did you know that upgrades on manufactured homes in California retain their value better than upgrades on tract homes or custom-builds? It’s true. Imagine sinking $50,000 of upgrades into a custom-built home only to watch a downturn in the economy erase the value of those upgrades by drastically decreasing the overall value of the home. The upgrades available in today’s mobile homes rival those of any tract home or custom-build. Go for the upgraded kitchen cabinets and glamour bath in the master!

If you follow these five easy steps to completion, you will have your new mobile home in no time and zero regrets about the purchase process.

About the author: Antonio Almeida writes about manufactured homes in California for a variety of trade and homebuyer publications. He regularly visits the home centers of mobile home manufacturers. Recently, Antonio visited the Factory Expo center in California and was impressed by what he saw and learned.